History of the A's





Photo of the 1884 St. Catharines A's 1889 C.L.A. Champion St. Catharines A's
Faces From The Past Globe Shield Champions
The Athletics Lacrosse Grounds (1913 Layout) 1924 Juvenile Champs - Story & Photo
1930 Juvenile Champs - Story & Photo Photo of the 1932 Ontario Jr Champs
Photo of the 1936 Ontario Jr Champions Old Boys Picnics of the Past
Alexander's Ragtime Band ( '38 A's theme song ) 1939 Shamrocks - A Title Won, A Title Lost
1942 Juvenile Champs - Story & Photo Old Lacrosse Sites of St. Catharines
Photo of the 1946 Junior Athletics Photo of the 1950 Senior Athletics
Photo of the 1958 Welland Switsons Athletics / Six Nations 2008 Playoff Photos
Brock Badgers Field Lacrosse Year - by - Year  Top  Scorers  (Box Era)
A Tribute to Bob McCready Remembering Ron Roy (photo tribute added April 2011)