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Moore shocked to be in boxla hall of fame, but his credentials show otherwise

by Bernie Puchalski

The St. Catharines Standard

Friday July 18, 2008

Gary Moore was shocked when he received a phone call informing him he had been named to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. "I really didn't think it would ever happen," said the 69-year-old St. Catharines native, who in 2000 was named to Ontario hall of fame.

He had a hard time believing British Columbian Rick Richards, who was the bearer of the good news. "I said: 'Is this someone playing a joke on me?' And he said: "Why do you guys always have a reaction like that?' "

There's not many who would question Moore's induction into the Canadian lacrosse hall. He won a Minto Cup with Brampton in 1958 and a Mann Cup with Brantford in 1971. In a 215-game senior career, he amassed 304 goals and 178 assists in 215 games.

"I think my best assets were that I could handle the ball very well and I could shoot the ball. It took me a long time before I became a defensive-minded player," he said, with a laugh. It was his ability to put the ball in the net that saw him and Long Branch's Bobby Davidson picked up for Brampton's Minto Cup run. "They were so great. We beat the Victoria Shamrocks four straight and it was the two of us that did most of the scoring for those four games."

Moore would have loved to have won a Minto or Mann Cup wearing an Athletics jersey but it never happened. He started playing lacrosse in Port Dalhousie and played there until midget. He played junior with the A's in 1956, senior with the A's in 1957, and junior with the A's again in 1958. "Lacrosse was something I grew up with in Port Dalhousie and I always liked the way they (juniors) were able to throw the ball around. I got hold of a stick from one of those players and I started practicing," the father of four said.

Moore watches four or five junior A and B lacrosse games a season. "My one daughter (Sindee Reeds) drags me out. She's really into it." The grandfather loves the way the game is played today and its modern rules. "I can remember playing against Brampton and they would be up two goals with five minutes to play and we might not get the ball back. I like the shot clock a lot better."

Also inducted into the hall were St. Catharines native Al Frick, Bill McBain, Ves Vessy, Todd Lorenz, Larry Bell, John Grant Sr., Ross McDonald, Gail Cummings-Danson, and the 1994-96 Six Nations Chiefs.

Frick, who has lived Guelph since 1962, won a Minto Cup with the St. Catharines Athletics in 1950. As a senior player, the Ontario lacrosse hall of famer scored more than 200 goals and 100 assists with St. Catharines. "It's nice for Whitey (his brother) and myself to be in the same hall," the 77- year-old said.

The retired finance department employee with the Guelph board of education said there was no sibling rivalry to see who would be the first inducted into the Canadian lacrosse hall. "Whitey is a builder and I'm a player so I got it over him," he said with a laugh.

As for what kind of player he was, Al Frick described himself as a regular forward, sometimes a centerman and sometimes a winger. "I was better at scoring. I didn't do too much defending because I only weighed 140 pounds at the time."

Frick had a tough time deciding on any lacrosse moment that could be described as his most memorable. "I had so much lacrosse that nothing was what I could call by biggest spot. I just enjoyed playing minor lacrosse in St. Catharines. I just enjoyed lacrosse and that's where I spent all my summer; at the Thomas Street grounds (site of present Haig Bowl)."

His biggest minor lacrosse moment came in his bantam year. "We won the championship at Maple Leaf Gardens."

The Minto Cup wasn't as memorable and he couldn't recall which team the A's played in the national junior championship. "I do remember that whole year we never lost a single game. I don't think any other team in lacrosse can say that."

The induction ceremony will be held Nov. 1 in Burnaby, B. C.