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Glorious Victory




The Daily Standard 


The much heralded match between the Excelsiors, of Brampton, and the Athletics came off on Wednesday afternoon and proved a veritable battle of giants. 

The Excelsiors came over by the Empress of India and were accompanied by about three hundred of their friends and supporters who came fully prepared to see their boys carry home the honors. 

Brampton had their very best team and the Athletics felt that if they did not win the match with the team they had their chances of winning the pennant was slim. 

It was somewhat after 3 o’clock when the teams lined up and faced the ball. Norman caught it up as it slipped from the sticks and sent it flying towards the visitors goal but it was stopped splendidly and sent flying back. Fifteen minutes of hard though somewhat wild play was indulged in and then Brampton scored, Milner putting the ball through, That was the only game they got, though they worked hard. (note: each goal would result in a “game” in those grand days of old). Milner, the second home man, was a team in himself. He played a fast and magnificent game for the visitors and well deserved the plaudits he received, not only from the Brampton people but all the spectators. The match from the time the second game commenced until the last goal was taken was perhaps the finest game of lacrosse seen in the city in years. The Athletics were at times a little slow and did not keep their checks well covered and played in hard luck on several occasions when they shot at a goal that was practically open. In the fourth game they must have sent twenty shots on goal but the defence of the visitors was like a stone wall. It seemed that it would never be penetrated and it was only by pulling the visitors defence away from the goal that they were able to score. The clubs taken on the whole were about as evenly matched as it was possible to be. Milner played the game for the visitors with Roberts, Warbrick, Allan, and W. Stewart very much in evidence. 

The game throughout was free from any really rough play, though a few accidents occurred that could not be helped. In the first game Dawson, of the Excelsiors, got a blow across the face that started the claret flowing and stopped the game. Graves and Shaw fouled and started to scrap and were ruled off for the game. McClure, of Brampton, took a header and, as a result, broke a bone in one of his hands during the first game and Lobb laid off for the rest of the match because of the accident. Towards the end of the match Morton caught Milner in the stomach with the end of his stick while both were going full speed and the latter was laid up for five minutes. 

The following is the result of the match with scores, names and time of games: 

Chaplin Goal Shaw  
F. Williams   Point Roberts
R. Williams Cover Point Haggie  
Morton 1st Defence J. Stewart
Elliott 2nd Defence Allan
Lobb 3rd Defence McClure
McIlwain Centre Warbrick
G. Downey 3rd Attack Kelley  
J. Downey 2nd Attack Milner  
Notman 1st Attack W. Stewart
F. Graves O. H. K. Peaker
C. Downey I. H. Dawson
H. Rogers Field Captain R. Stuart

Referee — Jas. Vance  Ingersoll

Umpires – H. O’Loughlin, city,  H. Stephens, Niagara Falls 

The games were made as follows:

Brampton….Milner….15 min

Athletics….Notman….16 min

Athletics….Graves….1 ¾ min

 Athletics….McIlwain….15 min

 Athletics….McIlwain….12 min 

Drop Shots 

Brampton people with horns and whistles were on the grounds in large numbers. They only used their horns once.

Only two bets were made on the grounds, one for $5 and another for $3. 

Niagara Falls and Merritton were present and “hooted” when the chance presented for Brampton. 

McClure’s hand was broken in the first game yet he pluckily played two more games in that condition. 

The band afforded some amusement by their frantic efforts to get away from the ball and players when they came in their direction. 

One of the band boys got so excited over the game that when he came to play he put up before him a catalogue instead of his music book. That’s right. 

The Niagara Falls fellows were so surprised to see the Athletics win the second game that the umpire, Mr. Stephens, dropped like a log in near of the poles.  

Mr. Harris, the representative of the fourth estate of Brampton, accompanied the visitors, and put in a lot of fun too. He is a jolly, good fellow, and made friends here. 

When the Bramptons had the first game, $50 to $40 or any portion at the same rate was offered that the Athletics would win, but the Brampton sports kept their pockets tied up.

Frank Nelson, the sporting editor of the Globe, witnessed the game and reported the match for his own paper as well as acting as time-keeper. His report was a most fair one in every respect.

C.L.A. Senior Championship:

Seaforth 5 1
St. Catharines 5 2
Brampton 2 2
Tecumsehs 1 2
Fergus 1 3
Torontos 0 3