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Teams Play "Water-Boxla"






The St. Catharines Standard 


St. Catharines Athletics are in second place in the closing O.L.A. standings and meet Toronto Lakeshores in the semi-finals. A’s nosed out Brampton Army Bullets here last night by the odd goal at 10 – 9, thus putting the Khaki boys up against Mimico-Brampton Combines in the other bracket. Insofar as the game went, it was a travesty on the fair name of Canada’s national pastime—utterly unfair to both teams. After a wash-out on Saturday night, the teams were dated for last night, on order to “play to a finish or toss a coin for second place.” If you were there, you know all. If not, it simply beggars description. 

But since boxla opened here in 1930, nothing like that was ever seen and we venture to say nothing like it was ever witnessed in 70 years’ history of lacrosse in the Garden City. A torrential storm broke over Haig Bowl early in the game and in 10 minutes, the northwest half of the bowl was 4 inches deep in water. It still pelted down and half the 800 crowd fled home. Army proved good soldiers, in obeying orders—the heritage handed down from Balaclava. Athletics were in the same boat (could have used canoes readily). 

Idiots To Have Played 

It wasn’t a game. It was a sickening comedy, verging on tragedy and inviting serious injury to all concerned. Neither team could afford to let the ball fall, or lose it in water. So, it resolved itself into which squad became better water-poloists. If they went down, they were unrecognizable in muddy water—and we mean muddy. They slipped, slithered, sloshed, kicked the stuff in each other’s faces, dodged the two vent-holes around which little lakes swirled and eddied. The gale even kicked up whitecaps on it, on the deepest north side. And through it all, Bill Whittaker stood out like the boy at the dyke in Holland—plugging the hole. Big Bill saved the game for Saints and let none tell you differently. He got in the way of 35 goals (16 – 5 – 6 – 8) by period play, to 22 for Mortimore (7 – 4 – 7 – 4). 

Fireman Night 

Fans were quick to sense aquatic possibilities. They yelled “fire” to George Hope and Cars Myers, as an inspiration to the city smoke-eaters. It reacted on Norm Cassidy, who is chief of the Army Camp fire brigade, so that he cropped up as the ace of the night in a scoring way, two goals and an assist. Myers had two assists, Hope one and also cost A’s a goal when he fell. Frankly, we’d say no one starred but Whittaker, but they were all heroes (of the first water)…and also the last, so everyone who likes lacrosse will trust. Fans roared in laughter at times, bit groaned more in misery and dread. You really had to see it to appreciate it. It went with the breaks and could have gone either way. 

Porpoises in Turn 

A’s went up to 3 – 1 early in the second, had Bullets knot it as 3-all, then forged ahead at 5 – 3 and 5 – 4 for the halfway gong. Army proved the better hell-divers in the third by having Saints in the deep end of the tank, as they came up with three goals to one and took over the lead at 7 – 6. Norm Worthy tied it up early in the fourth, then Wilson, Morton and Mackie dived in (is right) on Mortimore to put A’s in the van again at 10 – 7. Cassidy jerked on his red helmet, donned his hip rubber boots and went out to “save me chee-ild” for the Army. He set Bob Thorpe up and then gunned in one himself and it was 10 – 9 and 5:23 to go. Bullets had the play and forced the pace at the driest end. Whittaker came up with four in a row that were gems. A’s tried to freeze the ball, were called for stalling, got it again and managed to retain possession until the frenzied shrill of fans drowned out the gong. It took both teams an hour to get dried out. 

Brampton Army Bullets – Goal, Mortimore; defence, Haney, Cassidy; rover, Ingram; centre, McMahon; wings, B. White, T. White; subs, J. Creighton, Teasdale, Dixon, McLean, Campbell, Burrell, Thorpe, R. Creighton. 

St. Catharines Athletics – Goal, Whittaker; defence, C. Madsen, F. Madsen; rover, Whitely; centre, Mackie; wings, Morton, Teather; subs, Worthy, Hope, Cheevers, Wilson, Myers, MacDonald, Coupland. 

Officials – Max Peart, Port Colborne; Marty Cahill, St. Catharines. 

First Period

  Goal Assist Time
St. C. C. Madsen Teather 4:09
Army Haney McMahon 13:45

Penalties – Teasdale, Morton.

Second Period

  Goal Assist Time
St. C. Worthy Myers 0:26
St. C. Wilson - 1:42
Army Dixon Haney 5:12
Army Dixon - 10:12
St. C. Hope Worthy 13:10
St. C. Morton Whitely 14:05
Army B. White McLean 14:51

Penalty – B. White.

Third Period

  Goal Assist Time
Army McMahon - 4:21
Army Thorpe Campbell 9:26
Army Cassidy - 10:42
St. C. Mackie Morton 12:30

No penalties

Fourth Period

  Goal Assist Time
St. C. Worthy Hope 2:20
St. C. Wilson Myers 4:42
St. C. Morton - 5:17
St. C. Mackie - 7:30
Army Thorpe Cassidy 7:57
Army Cassidy - 9:37

No penalties