History of the A's


Honour Roll


Athletics inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall Of Fame

"Homebrew" Listing *

Pete Barnett Field 1967
James Bradshaw Veteran Player 2001
Jim Brady Builder 1998
Joe Cheevers Box 1967
Fred Conradi Builder 1971
Doug Cove Box 1989
Ken Croft Box 2003
Tony D'Amico Box 1991
Derry Davies Box 1997
William DeMars Builder 1986
Ed Downey Box 1966
Doug Favell (Sr) Box 1966
Bill Fitzgerald (Sr) Field 1965
Bill Fitzgerald (Jr) Box 1970
Jerry Fitzgerald Box 1973
Al Frick Box 2008
Bill Frick Builder 1999
Jack Gatecliff Builder 1973
Bill Hope Builder 1974
Ted Howe Box 1987
George Kalls Field 1965
Jim Lomore Builder 1981
Carl Madsen Box 1965
Frank Madsen Veteran Player 2001
Bob McCready Box 1997
Jack McMahon Box 1966
Jim McMahon Box 2001
Jim McNulty Box 1985
Dan Millar Builder 1982
Gary Moore Box 2008
Roy Morton Box 1968
Johnny Mouradian Field (modern era) 2009
R. William Nelson Box 1988
Donald O' Hearn Box 1998
"Max" Peart Builder 1970
Ted Sawicki Field (modern era) 2010
William "Stu" Scott Veteran Player 1997
Doug Smith Box 1982
Pat Smith Veteran Player 2002
Rex Stimers Builder 1971
Tom "Tank" Teather Box 1977
Robert Thorpe Box 1986
George Urquhart Box 1978
Bill Whittaker Box 1967
Bill Wilson Box 1965
Harry Wipper Box 1971
1938 Athletics Team 2005
* although Jim Brady, Fred Conradi & Rex Stimers were not original "homebrews" (St. Catharines raised), their tremendous long-term impact on St. Catharines lacrosse warrants these legends with honourary homebrew status. 
St. Catharines born & raised Ed "Moose" Downey played all of his senior lacrosse away from home in the 1930's and 40's...winning Mann Cups with Hamilton, Orillia and New Westminster. He was the son of George "Tod" Downey, one of the most popular players of the old turn-of-the-century double blues.
NOTE: William "Billy" Fitzgerald Sr. was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1961

Other Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame inductees who played part of their illustrious careers in a St. Catharines uniform as an "import" includes:  

Angus "Bones" Allen (Field Player)
Pat Baker (Box Player)
Oliver "Cap" Bomberry (Builder)
Ken "Red" Crawford (Box Player)
Terry Davis (Box Player)
Mike French (Field Player - modern era)
Hank Goudie (Field Player)
Doug "Scoop" Hayes (Box Player)
Corydon "Cory" Hesse (Field Player)
Bill Isaacs (Box Player)
Bobby Jamieson (Box Player)
Darris Kilgour (Box Player)
Tyson Leies (Box Player)
Wilfred "Bucko" McDonald (Box Player)
Ross Powless (Box Player)
Roger "Buck" Smith (Box Player)