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R.C.A.F. Flyers Grounded by Athletics in Charity Game




The St. Catharines Standard

Friday July 10, 1942

Officials of the St. Catharines Lacrosse Association are planning an informal reception and dinner for the members of the R. C. A. F. Flyers squad that visits the Haig Bowl tomorrow night in the very interesting senior box tile with the St. Kitts Athletics. Lacrosse fandom is highly keyed up over the coming contest, since it renews memories of the former and recent Mann Cup struggles on the Pacific Coast. It is because the St. Thomas Flying School squad is composed entirely of players from the western senior loop and selected from Vancouver Burrards, Richmond Farmers, and New Westminster Adanacs and Fishermen.

Flyers will come by train from St. Thomas Flying School to Welland, arriving there at 5:25 and will be met by Pres. C. L. Cornelius and officials of the parent box executive here and motored to this city. They will be tendered a dinner at 6 p.m. and them escorted to the Haig Bowl, where the night becomes a decidedly military one. Arrangements are under way to have the Lincoln-Welland Reg. Brass band from Camp Niagara (through the courtesy of Major Herman Morrow, O. C.) in charge of Lieut. Gerald Marks, also come by transport from camp and will attend the game in honor of the Western Canada Flyers and their officers from St. Thomas. A “blanket” invitation has been extended by Pres. Cornelius and his colleagues to the various military units at Camp Niagara, to attend the game and if such can be arranged, it is likely that over 1,000 service men will augment the throng at the Haig Bowl.

Western Flyers need little recommendation to the lacrosse fraternity and Coach Billy Wilson and his Mann Cuppers may receive a surprising upset. Led by Capt. Bill Morphett of Vancouver Burrards and with a roster brilliant with players from four coast clubs, Flyers lead the eight-club senior league and have yet to taste defeat in loop competition. Box fandom also has the strong appeal offered of all receipts being devoted to the War Charities of St. Catharines, at the request of the St. Thomas R. C. A. F. It is proposed to have the L.-W. Regt. band render patriotic numbers before the game and between the three intermission periods.



A’s LED 5–1, 7–3, 15–5, TO COAST IN


The St. Catharines Standard

Monday July 13, 1942

Garden City lacrosse lovers may have been looking at the challengers for the Mann Cup on Saturday night at the Haig Bowl, if the annual cross-Canada tour is abandoned “for the duration” and the R. C. A. F. Flyers decide to enter boxla, as they did senior hockey. The Athletics, who were hosts to St. Thomas R. C. A. F. Flyers, won rather handily by 22 – 12, in the first exhibition contest for each team and the first trip of the Flyers outside their own eight team loop at St. Thomas T. T. S. under Coach Sullivan, a Thorold boy in the air corps, the Flyers were recruited from six clubs in Canada, the most notable ones being the Richmond Farmers, the Vancouver Burrards, the Victoria Bays and Jokers. A’s took the Mann Cup last fall from Richmond as is recalled. The All-Stars showed excellent condition, fought hard all the way and never gave up trying, but like any all-star unit, they lacked cohesion, combination and those essentials necessary when stacked up against a balanced squad such as the Athletics.

They were unlucky to catch the Mann Cuppers in the mood where the double blues could do little wrong. A’s were wizard-like in clicking on sensational one handed passes, poaching loose balls, reveling in running shots and indulging in their famous criss-cross passing plays that distract enemy players. In short, they were “piping hot” and when that way they are unbeatable. Though minus Joe Cheevers and Billy Fitzgerald, the Saints showed tow new faces in Coach Billy Wilson and goalie Doug Favell. Both were utterly sensational.

Wilson Paces A’s

Wilson, only man in Canada to play on seven Mann Cup champion teams, was the wily playmaker of old and under his magic stick, the veterans “clicked” to perfection. He personally accounted for 7 goals and 2 assists, and alternated on both veteran and rookie lines to balance the twin-blue champions. Along with Madsen, Morton, Teather, McMahon and Coles, the sextet packed up 41 scoring points. Morton had 4 and 4, Teather 2 and 6, McMahon 3 and 4, Coles 3 and 2 and Madsen 4 assists. Coates topped Flyers with 4 and 1, but their ace of the game was Art McKim in goal. He was superb, little less than Favell, who starred in a manner that was a revelation to many.

The Garden City youngster was essaying his first start in the A’s rigging and his eye-action on long shots, ability to out-guess the snipers on angles, tactics in playing and snap-shots and clearances were absolutely all that could be desired. In short, it was Favell and McKim who got the ovations from the crowd that numbered just over the 975 paid mark, with receipts going to the St. Catharines War Charities.

A Big Third

Athletics assumed a lead of 5 – 1 in the opener, divided the goals in the second with the Flyers which ended at 7 – 3, then romped away in the third as they whistled in six in a row to run the count to 13 – 3. That period ended 15 – 5, while the rivals evenly matched counters in the fourth and final semester as they notched seven apiece for the concluding 22 – 12. The game was practically penalty-less, one minor going to the A’s and that could have been avoided. The speed was maintained well throughout by both teams but the uncanny tactics of the A’s in the early third took something out of the Flyers that they failed to regain and to prevent an overwhelming score, Coach Wilson instructed the champs to ease the pressure during the last period. Flyers felt the loss of Ed McKim in hospital, while “Chuck” Morphett, of whom much was expected, was used sparingly. Along with Coates, the Flyers box torch was carried by Moody, Morphett, Love and Cattermole. Later on, if the Flyers were worked as one unit and held in Canada until October, they could prove fitting opposition for any team cavorting in the senior O. L. A., should the Air Force decide to have them duplicate the effort of the Ottawa Flyers in hockey and the proposed R. C. A. F. rugby All-Stars.

R. C. A. F. – Goal, Art McKim, defence, Boles, Malcolm; rover, Morphett; centre, Coates; wings, Love, Baker; subs., Hartley, Stout, Moody, Cattermole, Poole, Kudbrooke, Barradel, Giffen.

St. Catharines – Goal, Favell; defence, Madsen, Wright; rover, McMahon; centre, Mackie; wings, Morton, Teather; subs., Garriock, Coles, Wilson, Nelson, Whitely.

Officials – Mary Cahill and Geo. Cleverley, St. Catharines.
The Summary
First Period
St.C  Mackie (Teather) 1:00
St.C  Morton (Teather) 4:30
RCAF  Cattermole (Moody) 6:00
St.C  Wilson (Madsen) 8:00
St.C  Wilson (McMahon) 8:30
St.C  Wilson (Teather) 10:00
No penalties
Second Period
St.C  Morton (Madsen) 0:30
RCAF  Moody (Giffen) 2:00
St.C  Morton (Mackie) 13:00
RCAF  Coates (Love) 13:30
No penalties
Third Period
St.C  McMahon (Mackie) 1:00
St.C  Teather (Morton, McMahon) 5:00
St.C  Whitely (Wilson) 5:25
St.C  Coles (Nelson, Whitely) 5:40
St.C  Coles (Madsen) 7:00
St.C  Coles (Madsen) 8:00
RCAF  Baker (Moody) 9:30
St.C  Wilson (Teather) 11:00
St.C  Morton (McMahon) 11:30
RCAF  Coates (Morphett) 13:30
No penalties
Fourth Period
RCAF  Coates (Love) 0:30
St.C  Teather (Morton) 1:00
RCAF  Morphett 2:00
St.C  Wilson (Teather, Morton) 2:30
RCAF  Moody (Ludbrooke) 5:00
St.C  Mackie (Coles) 6:00
RCAF  Baker (Coates) 7:00
RCAF  Hartney (Cattermole) 8:30
St.C  Wilson (McMahon, Morton) 9:00
St.C  Wilson (Teather) 9:30
St.C  McMahon (Wilson) 10:00
RCAF  Coates 12:00
RCAF  Morphett (Moody) 13:10
St.C  McMahon (Coles) 14:00
Penalty: Mackie