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Athletics Play Brants At the Fairgrounds




The St. Catharines Journal

July 2, 1881 

The Agricultural Grounds presented a gay appearance yesterday, the games of the Caledonian Society and Lacrosse Club being the attraction. From the number of people on the grounds, we should judge that the interest in athletic sports is not on the wane in this city. At 1:30 o’clock, the XIX Batt. Band marched the Athletic and visiting Brantford Lacrosse Clubs on the grounds, when the games commenced. The athletic games were contested principally by local amateurs. The vaulting of Mr. E. W. Edwards, of Toronto, were very creditable to that gent; the 100 and 200 yard races were very interesting on account of Fralick of the Athletics and Forde of the Brants being competitors. The following is a list of the games with names of winners:

 Putting light stone - 1st: L. Leitch, 32 feet 8 inches, 2nd: D. Leith

Throwing light hammer - 1st: L. Leitch, 72 feet 8 inches, 2nd: D. Leith

100 yards race - 1st: A. Fralick, 2nd: C. Collins

200 yards race - 1st: E. Forde, 2nd A. Falick

One third of a mile race - 1st: Geo. Kales, 2nd: J. Kramer

Vaulting with pole - 1st: E. W. Edwards, 9 feet 3 inches, 2nd: H. Rogers, 7 feet 3 inches

Running high jump - 1st: E. W. Edwards, 5 ft 3 in, 2nd: W. Thompson, 4 ft 9 in

Throwing lacrosse ball (distance) - 1st: H. Rogers, 2nd: W. R. James

Throwing lacrosse ball (accurate) - 1st: H. Rogers, 2nd: J. Doyle

Lacrosse Dodging - 1st: W. R. James, 2nd: H. Rogers

Velocipede race (children) - 1st: P. Helliwell, 2nd: T. Whitten, jr.

The Lacrosse Match

There was great excitement manifested by the large crowd when the two lacrosse teams appeared on the field. The Athletics looked very good in their new uniform of light and dark blue, the Brantford team wearing grey pants and cardinal and blue shirts. The match was for a challenge cup consequently the Brants brought a strong team along to defend their flags. The two teams took their positions and play began at 2:00, J. Macgregor and D. Sager facing the ball. The ball went to the Athletics’ flags, but was immediately returned to the other end of the field, when some hot work was done in front of the Brants’ flags. One of the Brants secured the ball and sent it to the centre field, when Sager got it and sent a pretty shot “high on goal.” The ball, to all appearances, went high over the flags, but the umpire (a Brantford gent) declared “game,” to the great dissatisfaction of the spectators. There being no appeal from his decision, he was replaced as umpire by Mr. R. Watt of Brantford, who filled the position with great fairness. Time of game, four minutes.

The ball being again faced, the home team again worked the ball down in dangerous proximity to the Brants flags. This was a splendid game, the checking of both teams being good, the Athletics showing some improved playing; the ball was equally as much near the Brants as Athletics flags. One of the Athletic defence men secured the ball but unfortunately it fell just in front of the flags, when it was easily tipped through by one of the Brants. Time, 35 minutes.

After a rest, the third game was started and was as hotly contested as the two former ones. The game was, however, won by the Brantford boys. Time, 12 minutes, the match being theirs in three straight games. Though the Athletics were unsuccessful, the general verdict was that their playing was a decided improvement over that with the Paris Club on the 24th of May. We advise our boys to practice more of the “drop shots” on flags and do less unnecessary running. The following are the names of the respective teams:

Athletics – C. A. Tilden, K. J. Johnston, A. Falkner, J. Adie, A. Collins, A. Fralick, J. Macgregor, A. Macgregor, H. O’Loughlin, J. Chaplin, H. Rogers, W. R. James, Field Captain J. S. Carlisle.

Brants of Brantford – H. Oldham, E. Forde, C. Henderson, B. Fax, J. H. McGlashan, S. Garnham, T. Green, J. Fax, D. Sager, Holdan, J. Green, Field Captain R. M. Orchard.

Referee – R. Bennett

Umpires – Messrs. Geo. A. Begy and R. Watt.


The presentation of prizes took place at the Welland House last evening, the parlors being filled with the Brants, Athletics and our citizens. In the absence of the president of the A. L. C. the vice-president, C. Tilden, occupied the chair. When the gold badge was presented to R. M. Orchard, Captain of the Brants, for winning the lacrosse match, he received quite an ovation.

The “Pirates” assisted at the vocal exercises last evening.

J. and B. Fax of the Brants are very successful vocalists.

The playing of D. Sager, Holdan and J. Green of the Brants was very good, as also was the playing of the majority of the Athletics.

The 19th Batt. Band serenaded the Brantford boys at the Welland House last evening.

The Athletics leave here for Lockport, N. Y. on Monday morning, to play the Echoes of Hamilton. The members will meet at H. G. Hunt’s office on St. Paul Street at 6:15 on Monday morning.

The joint committees of the Caledonian and lacrosse clubs will meet this evening at the office of J. B. McIntyre.