History of the A's


Merchants Encouraged to Close Stores





The Aetnas of Georgetown, after a close and exciting contest defeated the Tecumseh-Elms team on Saturday, the score being 4 to 3 goals. When the Athletics were defeated in Georgetown many opinions expressed the regret that the Athletics had deteriorated as a lacrosse team, but all such notions have now vanished, and instead wonderment has taken place - wonderment as to the team to be the champions for 1898. For the first time in many years, a winner can not be picked out at this stage of the championship season, although the season is well advanced. On Friday the Orangeville team will play the Athletics here. Should the Dufferins defeat the Athletics the winners in such case are nearly sure of the championship. However, if the Athletics pull out successfully on Friday, the home team have a good chance for a banner, more particularly as two out of three games scheduled are to be played here, whereas Orangeville team will have to play three of their five remaining games away from home. Friday's Orangeville vs. Athletics game should be a daisy.

This year's competition for the senior championship of the Canadian Lacrosse Association is developing some unexpected features which are of a decidedly interesting nature. There are five clubs competing and the composition of the teams are such, and so evenly are they matched that all are winning the games scheduled on their own grounds whilst losing when playing away from home. As the season progresses the more exciting do the games become. On Friday next the Dufferins of Orangeville will visit this city to play the Athletics a championship game, and as the Dufferins are at the present the most likely looking winners of the championship, the game should be of first class order. A movement is on the taps to have the merchants close their stores at 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon and thus allow their employees - as well as employers - the opportunity of witnessing a grand exposition of the national game, and at the same time giving our young Athletics an encouragement they richly deserve. The Standard's voice is in favor of the movement.

Standing Of The Clubs

  Won Lost To Play
Orangeville 3 0 5
Seaforth 3 2 3
Athletics 2 3 3
Tecumseh-Elms 2 3 3
Georgetown 2 4 2