History of the A's


"Our Citizens Were Highly Elated"




The Toronto Globe

Monday June 17, 1889

St. Catharines, June 15 - Great things were expected of the Athletics team sent to Paris to-day to do battle on the lacrosse field with their old time opponents, the Brants. These expectations were more than realized as the Saints team virtually defeated last year's C. L. A. champions easily. The victory is the more commendable owing to the composition of the St. Catharines team, every player being a local man, no outside or "ringster" element being noticeable. Our citizens were highly elated as the progress of the match was bulletined at the C. P. R. office, it being thought next to impossible that the champions could draw out a victory after the third game, and such proved to be the case as the final score gave the match to the Athletics by 4 goals to 2. The Athletics' team arrived home this evening and were met at the Murray House by a large number of our citizens and the Port Dalhousie band, who tendered them a serenade. The Athletics' team was made up of the following players:- A. Riddell, goal; H. Morton, W. Yielding, R. Williams, R. Fairfield, C. Lobb, J. Downey, D. C. Hetherington, A. H. Fralick, John Notman, A. Chestnut and A. Doyle.

At the beginning of the present season the Athletics Seniors were thought to be in the possession of a weak team as Rogers, F. Williams, Marquis, Chaplin and Linden retired, but their places were fixed today by Riddell, Lobb, Chestnut, Hetherington and Doyle of last year's Juniors, and from all accounts the "colts" rather strengthened than weakened the Athletics. The success of the Athletics to-day will again boom the national game in this city. The Athletics play their next championship game in Woodstock on July 1st, but exhibition games with some of the Toronto teams will likely be arranged for in the meantime.