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"The Athletics of '98 Are All Right"




The Daily Standard

Monday May 30, 1898

The championship season of the Canadian Lacrosse Association commences this week and the Tecumseh–Elms play the Athletics here on Saturday afternoon next. This game will undoubtedly be one of the best-contested lacrosse matches ever seen in the city. The visitors’ team will comprise a number of last year’s Elms and Tecumseh players who are now known at the Tecumseh–Elms lacrosse club. The Athletics will not underestimate the strength of the Toronto team and as a consequence plan a week’s very hard practice work to prepare for Saturday’s game.

The executive of the Athletics lacrosse club will meet at the Grand Central Hotel to-night at 8:30 o’clock.



Monday June 6, 1898 

The Athletics of ’98 are all right

This was demonstrated to a nicety on Saturday afternoon when they met and defeated the Tecumseh–Elms of Toronto by a score of eight straight.

The score would seem to indicate that the home team had it all their own way, or that the other fellows couldn’t play the game, yet neither assertions is correct. The Tecumseh–Elms form a splendid team, are good stick handlers and play fast; only the Athletics are a little better.

The Athletics of ’98 will compare very favorably with any of their predecessors. There are many new players on the team and the new blood gave a very satisfactory exhibition on Saturday. A couple of changes are all that is required to perfect the team.

The game on Saturday started out with a rush, and the first two goals were scored after as fast play as has been seen on the field. The wise ones said, “the boys can’t stand it, the pace is too fast, they’ll soon tire,” but the wise ones were wrong and the conclusion of the match saw the Athletics comparatively fresh.

The first goal was scored after five minutes of hot play. McIlwain had the honor of making the first shot on goal, a scrimmage resulted and the ball landed in the net.

The second game was marked by a hot shot on goal by Gourlay, which was brilliantly side-tracked by Angus. Then Tod Downey put a swift one on, but this too was stopped. In fact, the Toronto goal keeper proved himself a good one. Finally Frankie McIlwain secured the rubber and with a swift shot scored. Time, 23 minutes.

The third and fourth games came easily. Tod Downey captured No. 3 inside of three minutes and just 30 seconds after play was resumed, Gourlay duplicated the trick.

The fifth game was well contested. The Toronto boys deserve credit for putting up so strong a game, for it took 13 minutes of brilliant play for the home team to score. In this game, McIlwain went to the fence for giving one of the visitors the “drop.”

The last three goals were scored by the Athletics in very short order.

The combination play of the team this year is exceptionally good and it is difficult to point out wherein it could be improved upon. The Tecumsehs play very good “com” too.

For the visitors, Hartley, Kelly, Patterson and their goal tender, Angus, put up good lacrosse, while the Athletics honors went to Pringle, McIlwain, Richardson, Tod Downey and Gourlay.

There were paid admissions to the amount of $125.

The teams lined up for the game as follows: 

Athletics   Toronto
Baumann goal Angus
Williams point Patterson
Elliott cover point Hartley
Richardson defence Soules
Pringle defence Douglas
Hagan defence Lennox
Cameron centre Slattery
Downey attack Moran
McIlwain attack Kelly
Gourlay attack Neil
Lobb outside home Kyle
Downey inside home Hicks

Field captains – John Cameron, Athletics; Dan Rose, Tecumseh–Elms.

Lionel King of Peterboro gave satisfaction as referee, as did Jas. Chaplin and H. Rodgers as umpires.

The timekeepers were R. H. Wiles, Toronto, and H. O’Loughlin.